Working at NIIOS

NIIOS is home to four disciplines under one roof: NIIOS Research & Development, NIIOS Academy, Amnitrans EyeBank and Melles Cornea Clinic. Through these four organizations, our roughly 35 staff members cover the whole corneal transplant chain.

We work in a multidisciplinary team of corneal surgeons, eye bank specialists, research scientists and diverse office personnel. Our work is characterized by drive and excellence: we aspire to stay the world’s leading center of expertise in the field of corneal surgery. Our lines of communication are short, and we can quickly switch gears when the situation calls for it. We are always looking for inventive, proactive people to add to our close-knit team.

Please note that Melles Cornea Clinic and NIIOS Academy are closed since May 1st, 2023. As a result there will be no more fellowships/observerships available.


We currently have no job openings.